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Smart demolition is a safe demolition

A responsible demolition is performed according to a demolition work plan, guided by a competent engineer experienced in all phases of the demolition.
In demolition, unlike construction, the element of surprise is larger. We treat the risks at hand seriously and define measures to be taken to perform the job safely.
We believe in safety in planning and executing. This principle expresses in negotiating the project, the surveying and planning phase, deliberate performance and collapses. It also expresses in disciplined workers and day to day actions like cleaning the area of works, appearance of the crews and tools maintenance.
Safety is in the small details.


Safety first

Primarily we are strict on
Risk assessment survey profound assessment of hazards and control measures to be implemented to address these hazards. Referring to electricity, gas, water and communication lines, falling objects, premature collapses, vehicles movement in site, noise and dust regulations etc.
Implementing suitable methods of deconstruction – no project is similar. Safe work will be conducted only in the appropriate method and tools. Bigger tools are not necessarily more appropriate.
Civil and demolition engineers – demolition and dismantling is accompanied by a certified civil engineer enlisted both in Israel and the ICE UK. One of our engineers is an enrolled member of the IDE.
Safety officer – a professional safety officer ensures our work is carried out according to Israeli environment and labor laws, as well as construction regulations.
Training – our teams are fully trained and certified for height works, safety trustees, operating demolition and cutting equipment etc.
Asbestos Treatment – ONR Demolition is a certified Asbestos Removal Constructor by the Israeli Ministry of Trade and Labor and the Israeli Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP).

We implement safety in everything we do, whether in industrial demolition or civil, in strip outs or comprehensive demolition.

IIOSH January 2011 Magazine
The IIOSH (Israel Institute for Occupational Safety and Hygiene) dedicated a 4 pages article to write about one of our industrial demolition projects that has taken place in Nesher Cement Factories in Israel - "ONR Demolition 3 chimneys Demolition":
Three 60 meters high reinforced concrete chimneys were taken down piece by piece (of 50 tons each) using cranes and diamond sawing.
To watch the article click here.

Chinney Demolition.jpg

Crews at work – chimney demolition, ONR Demolition, Israel

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