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ONR Demolition - Special Schemes

Smart demolition is a safe demolition

This category includes comprehensive and partial demolition projects performed under extreme conditions such as extreme restrictions and constraints dictated by the body handing over the work or environmental conditions derived from the nature of the project. There are numerous extreme conditions such as a high level of risk, complexity of the job, proximity of the structure to other elements, high sensitivity of the work environment, and especially tight schedule, hours of operation, and more.

Our history as demolition contractors includes a fair number of special projects such as the demolition of the old Paz Bridge (during the war under fire), the train bridge in Atlith, a 51 meter smokestack in the Ata Kurdani plant, cutting the large spherical gas containers at Pi Gliloth, and many others. We have performed demolition projects all over Israel and are operating in the following cities: Tel Aviv, Haifa, Jerusalem, Beer Sheva, Netanya (Natanya), Acre, Hadera, Dimona, Zefat, Tiberias, Ramla and many others.


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