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Asbestos Removal

Large Asbestos Roofs Removal services

ONR Demolition offers asbestos removal services as part of a comprehensive demolition solution or by itself.

Asbestos, incorporated in many structures today in various types and forms, can cause a great damage to the environment and to people. ONR Demolition conducts the removal process according to the code of practice with high attention to details in the model incorporated.

The asbestos is disassembled from the structure, isolated capsulated and removed from the site according to Ministry of the Environment regulations. The procedure is carefully handled by professional asbestos teams trained for the job, equipped with the appropriate knowledge and tools. The entire process is accompanied by a licensed Ministry of the Environment Asbestos Supervisor.

The demolition plans, asbestos removal plans and air inspections are accompanied by trained engineers and are part of the service we provide.
We hold behind us a long list of industrial structures, plants and sheds with large quantities of asbestos that were properly removed and legally disposed.


Asbestos removal protective gear

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