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Demolition Contractors

Planning and Executing Large Scale Civil and Industrial Demolition

Proud to be industry leaders in Israel experienced in demolishing some of the largest factories in Israel. 
Our experienced planning team includes a demolition engineer as well as a civil engineer, and an architect, to provide with creative and safe solutions for all technical engineering problems. We combine among others, the use of implosion, shear mounted excavators, cranes and concrete sawing by demolition crews to achieve the most efficient results

Demolition Contractors

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This category includes comprehensive and partial demolition projects performed under extreme conditions such as extreme restrictions and constraints dictated by  the body handing over the work or environmental conditions derived from the nature of the...

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Partial demolition refers to situations where we are required to perform a specific demolition job within a structure or as a part of a structure. These cases are normally characterized in working in parallel to other ongoing activities of the facility. These projects are...

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