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Land Remediation

Contaminated Soil Remediation

Over the past decade ONR gained reputation as one of Israel's leaders in the environmental services industry. The firm employs a European representative in Germany, full time environmental engineer as well as two civil engineers, an architect and a lawyer to handle the demolition, recycling and the soil remediation projects in a cost effective way for the client.
Over the years, the firm has demolished Israel's largest industrial schemes such as Foenicia, Hamegaper, Ata Curdani, Nesher Haifa, Beit Mercazim, a factory in Dimona, Rotem Amfert and more. During the years we encountered various soil contaminations in diverse forms, which has lead us to obtain and maintain a large network of soil remediation services and r&d companies in the EU and the US. At 2011 ONR has partnered with a European developer and supplier of advanced remediation technologies for in-situ treatment of soils. The partnership allows ONR the ability to effectively treat contaminated soils to comply with EU standards and thresholds.

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The client normally uses ONR’s demolition services and in a natural sequence, ONR’s land reclamation services. The object is to design and generate a remediation plan and perform the demolition in a way that will save costs on the remediation stage. Subsequently, ONR is responsible for the measuring and labour testing, logistics, representing the client in front of the relevant authorities to stand regulatory requirements, etc.

Recently, our clients have requested ONR to take on a more significant role - that of implementing the remediation itself. While ONR Demolition has performed this service at varying degrees in the past, ONR is now committed to serving firms with a range of services in support of on-site and in-situ soil remediation plans involving advanced technologies. These services are managed and provided under the ONR Remediation Services (ONR Res) devision.

ONR Remediation Services

ONR Res is the application services division of ONR and is dedicated to serving firms in the successful implementation of in-situ remediation plans incorporating the most advanced technologies in the market. The staff offers unmatched insight and contemporary technical expertise in the completion of successful contaminated site remediation. The frim performs on-site management and implementation of in-situ remediation projects, specializing in the application of ONR Res' state-of-the-art enhanced bioremediation technologies.

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