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Metals Recycling

Sorting Cutting and Shredding Scrap Metals

Demolition of structures includes quantities of various types of metals mainly steel.
The metals are a central factor in the demolition work. It is taken into consideration when evaluating the scheme and assessing quantities, as well as during the practical demolition.

ONR Demolition specializes in a scientific and empirical analysis of the quantities and types of metals found on-site. This capability enables us to deduct the value of the materials found on site from the cost of the demolition.

Metals are separated and sorted using advanced and traditional cutting techniques to be then transported to recycling centers around the country.

Metals recycling is done in collaboration with Hod steel plants in Acre and Kochav Yair, amongst others. Metals are shredded, melted and reused.

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Metals Recycling

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