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Construction Waste Recycling

Concrete Crushing And Landfill

Construction waste is generated as a byproduct from the demolition. The waste comprise of inert waste such as concrete aggregates, blocks, asphalt, cladding, insulation, conduits, and other materials found on-site. The rest of the waste is metals and equipment that are to be removed from site.

The waste undergoes an initial sorting, then compacted and transported to recycling. Concrete, asphalt, bricks and the like are sent to two designated construction waste recycling sites, where a more advanced sorting of materials and processing is conducted. Processing includes crushing and screening of the aggregates to different sizes. Each size is then used for a different purpose, designated for repeated use on the actual site, at other demolition sites of ours, or offered for sale to external projects.

The remaining demolition products are collected separately and transported in trucks to landfills approved by the Ministry of the Environment. The materials transfer process undergoes close and constant supervision so that each vehicle is registered and receives its own private permit from a landfill site. A strict and supervised transportation process is maintained to make sure waste is delivered to its destination in a manner that satisfies all sides related.

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Metals Recycling

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